I am Dora Schilling, artist and studied landscape ecologist.

I am particularly interested in ornithology, but also in other animal species, plants and ecological processes.


I always loved to draw and was interested in shapes and colours. After high school graduation I studied art history and philosophy for three years and prepared myself for a subsequent illustration study. But the interest in ecology was simply too great. And so I began to study landscape ecology instead.


By illustrating ecological topics, I can combine my two passions and keep learning at the same time!

I am currently drawing reconstructions of extinct plants for the Department of Paleobotany at the Institute of Geology and Palaeontology in the University of Münster. The drawings will be published in scientific papers. I am also regularly engaged in illustrations and other creative work in the field of ecology and ornithology.


If you have your own project requests, please feel free to write me

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